The Most Accurate Sawguide
+/- 0.0002" Guaranteed

The sawguide, or saw arm, is a critical element in every sawmill. It’s accuracy sets the tone for the entire sawmill, and an inaccurate circular saw guide leads to substantial wood waste and loss in potential revenue. The solution is simple, make sure you’re running with the best in the industry–the Modern sawguide.

Modern Engineering houses the most advanced technology to machine and test every saw guide for precision and accuracy within 0.0002”. Our Zeiss CDC coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) tests each guide, guaranteeing that you operate with optimal performance and efficiency. Reduce your sawmill wastage and get maximum returns with our accuracy guarantee.

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Our Process

  • We request a sample or drawing from you.
  • Drawings are redone and reviewed with you.
  • Once approved, CNC machining begins.
  • Your machined edger parts are moved over to our Quality Control area for CMM accuracy verification.
  • Once accuracy has been confirmed within 0.0002”, your saw guides are shipped directly to you.

About Modern Sawguides

Modern Engineering has been manufacturing sawguides for over 25 years. As a leading manufacturer of both Honed Aluminum and Ground Steel Sawguides, Modern brings the highest quality to any sawmill in the wood working industry.

Ground Steel Sawguides

  • Tool steel
  • Precision ground
  • Choice of two penetrating coatings for higher corrosion and wear resistance
  • Guaranteed accuracy within 0.0002"

Honed Aluminum Sawguides

  • Aerospace quality aluminum
  • Lightweight alternative to steel
  • Precision honed surfaces prior to and after hardcoat anodizing
  • Guaranteed accuracy within 0.0002"