Guide Alignment System

Modern’s Guide Alignment System is a patented solution for aligning your saws and ensuring you are getting the most production possible our of your sawmill. It corrects the miss line boarding of a guide shaft system and enables the proper alignment of the lubrication main block to the machine centres.
We supply systems for Quad Saws, VDAG, Single Guide Post and any type of sawmill machinery that holds saw guides. Each system is measured and custom built to your machine’s requirements and installed by a professional alignment technician.

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  • Makes it easy to align any guide shaft water block
  • Eliminates and corrects saw step corrects saw step
  • Fewer saw changes. Saws and guides last longer under normal running conditions
  • Reduced deviation on the side boards of the cants
  • Improves lumber quality
  • Increases production yields

Why Do I Need Guide Alignment System?

Misaligned saws result in frequent saw changes. Time is money, and with an adjustable water block eliminating your saw step, you can significantly decrease the amount of mid-shaft saw changes. The more time your saws spend running, the more profit your sawmill is making. Our clients have seen up to a 50% decrease in saw changes.

Eliminating saw step produces better quality lumber that can be sold at a higher price. More production time combined with a higher dollar per board foot creates a hugely positive impact on your bottom line.