Get The Draft’s First Choice Even If You've Already Won The Cup!

POST DATE Oct 30, 2014


A lot of people I know are national sports fans, may it be NFL, NHL or NBA. Each one has an annual draft where they try to draft the best up-and-coming talent for their team. Unfortunately, the previous year’s winner usually gets last pick. I assume this is to create more equality and make sure the weaker teams have a better chance with a stronger team making them more competitive in the future.

I see this as being fair because it creates a more intense and fun sport to watch when both teams are skilled in different areas. On the other hand, I also see this as a punishment to the winning team without rewarding their hard-earned success or efforts. Getting first choice on draft day is a prized position for a team and worth a lot to a franchise. Franchises have traded highly prized talent to get these draft choices to ensure success in the future.

Many businesses do not seem to appreciate or apply this type of philosophy to their companies. We don’t seem to think getting the young stars of tomorrow is something to constantly seek out, probably because we fear the high cost involved with training as well as the possibility of losing them. When you look at some of the successful companies, which are like the winning teams in sports, they are always looking to add bright young talent to their organizations and nurture them, making their companies more successful in the future. Fast food chains have perfected this by providing young people an opportunity to get their first job, which many other businesses shy away from. These companies can therefore pick first from the brightest and best. They can then find the best future managers from this group and nurture them along. This ensures their own ongoing success in the future.

This sounds like winning the cup and getting the first pick at the draft.

It’s a shame for the other companies because, in essence, they pick from way down the line of the young people left over. Companies complain all the time that they can’t find good young workers for their organizations that have experience. I guess they forget that workers who come trained and with experience usually come from companies that have already trained them. Employees are more loyal to a company that trains them. A company that is investing in training and ongoing innovation is usually a more progressive company then those that aren’t interested in this investment. It’s the same for sports; the young players are attracted to competitive winning teams.

I believe the key to success is to draft/employ the brightest young talent as soon as possible. This means actively going out and giving them the opportunity to get their first job and grow within your organization. It’s been proven by many successful companies that this is a key to success. A good training program, in conjunction with taking on new talent, guarantees an even higher success rate. The same goes in sports; good organizations will invest heavily in their young talent, they mould them into successful players and team member. It’s really nice when you can be a winning company or franchise, and get the first draft pick, because it absolutely makes you the most competitive in the future!

Your thoughts?

Author: Udo Jahn

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